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At Sovereign Restorations, we specialise in the preparation and painting of structures where access is difficult.

This requires skilled workers who are highly experienced and trained in technically challenging methods of access, such as cradle and rope access. Preparation and painting of the steelwork is equally challenging when working in these difficult environments and experience is key to achieving a high-quality finish.


Tower Painting

  • Bespoke industrial paint systems
  • Intumescent qualified
  • Highly qualified and experienced workforce to BS7985 – 2013
  • Rooftop qualified
  • Powered Access

Structural Maintenance & Remedial Work

  • Surveys
  • Steel replacement
  • Structural repairs and strengthening
  • Power Washing

Industrial Coatings & Maintenance

  • Tower Painting
  • Mast Painting
  • Structural steelwork
  • Bridge Painting
  • Pylon Painting

Stay Greasing

  • Man riding winch operations
  • Grease removal and safe disposal
  • Grease application systems

Fall Arrest System Installation, Maintenance & Certification

  • MSA Latchways certified and approved supplier
  • Inspections and certification
  • Ladder and structure Installation
  • Maintenance and section replacements
  • Rooftop fall arrest systems

What makes us different?

Qualified and experienced

All our industrial painters have extensive experience in this line of work, and are highly motivated and incentivised to carry out their work to the highest standards.

Running Smoothly

Because of our experience, you can be certain that your project will run smoothly, ensuring a quality finish which will last for many years.


We have the capability and resource to work both throughout the UK and globally.


Our industrial painters are also highly experienced in the safe removal of toxic paint systems (e.g. lead coatings) without contaminating surrounding property.


True experts

“True experts in the tower painting industry. The crew that came to paint and grease the stays of our tower did a great job and really knew what they were doing.”


Safety, our greatest priority

The nature of our work is such that the health and safety of our staff, customers and members of the public is our greatest priority. Our extensive experience and highly trained workforce takes care to deliver a quality service while ensuring that safety is never compromised.


Sovereign Restorations provides tower painting and mast painting services across Canterbury, South East England and UK wide.

Tower painting

Power access

Bridge painting

Pylon painting


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